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In 2019/20 we commission a running total of

mental health services


worth over $37.8 million dollars across the Adelaide metropolitan region

Supporting Women
Living with BPD Across
the Perinatal Period

Our Mother Infant Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Program continued to support women living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in the perinatal period. Together with our commissioned service providers and memorandum of understanding (MoU) partners, this program helps to improve a woman’s emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and parenting skills at a critical time in an infant’s development. 


Four headspace Centres
and One More Coming

headspace Centres provide free early intervention focused mental health services for young people aged 12-25 years. Adelaide PHN has continued to fund centres in Edinburgh North, Onkaparinga, Adelaide and Port Adelaide. 


This year we commissioned a new centre in the Marion LGA which is anticipated to open January 2021, increasing access to primary mental health services for young people within the inner southern region of Adelaide. 

Our headspace Centres supported over 4,026 young people, providing

15,172 occasions of service


Together, our commissioned primary
mental health care services provided over


head heart-60.png

which supported over 
people across Adelaide 

Thrive and emerge: Pathways of Care for Young People Living with Complex Mental Health Conditions

We continue to work with local providers to support services for young people across our region experiencing/or at risk of severe/complex mental illness. 


Our emerge and Thrive programs continued to support young people who might otherwise 'fall through the cracks' and provides pathways of care for young people dealing with more complex conditions such as complex anxiety and depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, trauma and borderline personality disorder. 


We are also responsible for one headspace Early Psychosis Program (previously known as hYEPP) centre, which provides early intervention, responsive, and recovery focused care for young people at high risk of/or experiencing a first episode of psychosis. 


Of people accessing support via our  Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS):


reported that their support needs were met


reported that they would
recommend the service to others


I honestly don’t know where I would be without LETSS, I might not even be here if it wasn’t for you. Every time I speak to you, it moves me forward a tiny bit more. It doesn’t matter who I get to speak to there, it’s always the right person on the right night

hotline telephone support woman on phone

Ensuring Access to Community Based After
Hours Mental Health Support

Our peer led after hours telephone service, LETSS, continued to provide non-clinical mental health information and support around navigation of the local health system in the after hours period. 


2019/20 saw the continuation of our commissioned Walk In After Hours Service operating in the northern suburbs. The service supports a team of mental health clinicians and peer workers in providing immediate support, assessment and referrals for people over 16 that are experiencing mental health difficulties in the after hours period. 


As well as responding to an identified need for after hours mental health support, both of these services are demonstrations of our continued commitment to implementing person centred care across our region.

Towards Wellness: Leading and Collaborating on the Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan

In line with a Commonwealth directive, we have continued to collaborate with the SA Mental Health Commission, Local Health Networks (LHNs), and other regional stakeholders to develop the Towards Wellness - Adelaide Metropolitan Integrated Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan. 


The five year plan is our commitment to working with the LHNs and other partners to strengthen the integration of mental health care and suicide prevention within our region, by developing service delivery pathways that target need along a stepped care continuum and meet local health priorities.


Ultimately, the plan will deliver improved outcomes and experiences of care for people and their carers as they move from one sector to another and back again. It emphasises practical solutions and actions that will bring about real change in the way services are coordinated and delivered and specifies clear roles and responsibilities for these actions.


We look forward to finalising and sharing this plan with you soon.  


Our CENTRAL REFERRAL UNIT (CRU) processed over 
that is a 
74% INCREASE from the previous year

Supporting Efficient
Mental Health Referrals via Our Central Referral Unit

Since 1 July 2019, Adelaide PHN brought its previously commissioned Central Referral Unit (CRU) in-house. The CRU provides both administrative and clinical triage for all formal mental health treatment plan (MHTP) referrals for Adelaide PHN’s commissioned primary mental health care services. 


The team also plays a capacity building role by working with providers on quality improvement in regards to their referrals, including supporting the uptake of secure messaging.  


Supporting Emotional Wellness in Aged Care

We recently commissioned Relationships Australia SA (RASA) to deliver new primary mental health care services through an in-reach model, onsite at Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs), known as Supporting Emotional Wellness in Aged Care. 


This innovative service was introduced as a phased approach and has been providing free onsite low intensity and psychological therapies for people living in residential aged care across metropolitan Adelaide. 


Collectively, our primary mental health care services provided over

young people group teenagers shutterstoc


for youth (12-25 years), supporting over 4,400 YOUNG PEOPLE




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