Our commissioned service providers provided over

psychosocial service contacts



supporting over

people across Adelaide

Four Priority Care Centres Providing and Alternative
to Hospital Based Care

In 2019 and in collaboration with Wellbeing SA and general practices, four Priority Care Centres were opened across the Adelaide metropolitan region. These centres provide an alternative pathway for patients with non life threatening illnesses and are easing pressure on local emergency departments.  


Led by GPs, with additional support from hospital staff specially trained in acute assessment and care, these centres offer a range of services to support care and treatment. 

Ongoing Support for
Immunisation Programs
Across Our Region

Across the year, we continued to support effective delivery of immunisation programs and increase general awareness of immunisation across our region.

 In July 2020, our FOUR

were providing an average of

supporting people experiencing respiratory symptoms and providing  ONSITE COVID-19 TESTING

Our GP Respiratory Clinics contributed to the

COVID-19 TESTS UNDERTAKEN across all South Australian testing sites by June 30 2020

Mentoring For Nurses New to Immunisation Program Delivery

Our commissioned Champion Nurse Immunisation Program (CNIP) continued to provide support across the Adelaide region, ranging from provision of direct mentoring to nurses new to immunisation program delivery, facilitating cold chain management education for providers, supporting students and families new to Australia with vaccination, and providing guidance for vaccine hesitant parents. CNIP provided 754 episodes of support to community members and immunisation providers across the year.

An Award Winning Adult Immunisation Campaign

We launched our Immunisation. Spread the Word, Not the Disease health promotion campaign, encouraging adults to check their history and get up to date with their immunisations. The campaign was run on metropolitan and regional radio for seven weeks and was the round three winner of the 2020 Siren Awards (a national annual advertising award, focused on excellence and creativity in commercial radio advertising). 

Expanding Our Popular Living Well With Persistent Pain Program

Living with persistent pain can be debilitating, however with the right support and care team, individuals can learn to better understand their chronic pain and improve their quality of life.


This year, the multi-disciplinary team at our commissioned Living Well with Persistent Pain programs operating in the north and centre/west, continued to support people via delivery of a suite of holistic self management education sessions, case coordination and access to specialised allied health services. 

Our Living well With Persistent pain program supported 64 people via the delivery of 37 educational sessions.  

Approximately 3,000 people VISITED OUR ADELAIDE AFTER HOURS WEBSITE across the 19/20 year, SUPPORTING ACCESS to general practice and pharmacies open in the after hours period

A Directory to Support Access to Care in the After Hours Period

Our adelaideafterhours.com.au website - a free online directory of Adelaide after hours medical services - continued to be a popular resource for local community. The triage style front page supported those visiting the site to first consider the level of care needed and then supported their searches for suitable medical services open near to them (be that immediately or in the future).

Standing Up Four GP-Led Respiratory Clinics to Support the Response to COVID-19

In collaboration with local general practices and funding from the Commonwealth, Adelaide PHN has supported the establishment and operations of four GP-led Respiratory Clinics across the metropolitan area. These clinics have facilitated COVID-19 tests, increased health system capacity and supported the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through the provision of dedicated testing services, these clinics have also helped to maximise use and conserve stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across our region.

A Continued Campaign Partnership to Promote Participation in Bowel, Breast and Cervix Cancer Screening

We continued to promote participation in the three national cancer screening (bowel, breast and cervix) programs through our Get Screened and Get on with Living campaign. This campaign is a partnership with Cancer Council SA and Country SA PHN. 


Across the year, the partners committed to extending promotion of this campaign with advertising scheduled on TV, radio and social media in the coming year. 

Adelaide PHN CEO, Deb Lee; Country SA PHN CEO, Kim Hosking; Cancer Council CE, Lincoln Size

Our Paediatric Partnership program supported children and families by providing: 




Reducing Waiting Times for Children on Existing Lists for Autism and Developmental Assessments

Adelaide PHN continued work with our commissioned Adelaide Paediatrics Partnership project which works with Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) Child Development Unit and Autism SA to reduce waiting times for children on existing lists for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Global Developmental Delay and Psycho-Educational Assessments. Previously operating in the northern and southern suburbs of Adelaide, this year the project expanded to central Adelaide, ensuring better access across our entire region. 

Supporting People Living with Psychosocial Needs to Live to Their Full Potential

Adelaide PHN continued with roll out of the National Psychosocial Support Measure (NPSM) across the Adelaide region and transitioned to a single provider – Neami National. 


This program supports people living with complex and/or chronic mental health conditions to access trained peer or community rehabilitation support workers, improve their health and wellness, and live their lives to their full potential. 

Responding to the
Nuanced Health Needs of Refugees and New Arrivals

Delivered by ARA and STTARS, our commissioned refugee and new arrivals program continued to improve the health of refugees and new arrivals, build capacity of primary health care workers and increase integration of services for these communities. Bi-lingual and bi-cultural case workers supported people to increase their knowledge of the primary health system and link them with local GPs.


Refugees and newly arrived people are often living with complex and chronic health conditions and this program provides the nuanced support needed to manage health conditions effectively in an unfamiliar health system.

Across the year, our refugee and new arrivals program provided 593 support sessions with a registered nurse. The program also supported bi-lingual, bi-cultural workers to provide 399 health literacy sessions.



1,000 people






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